About Us

Swiss Platinum Global Sourcing is a service provided by the firm of SWISSPLAT GROUP LLC, a registered specialized services company and works with a variety of global brands, industry experts, and market expansion specialists.  The firm has been mandated by a variety of world-class retail and wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, including several multibillion-dollar marketing conglomerates, and is a primary global sourcing partner working in concert with other institutional distributors in the Swiss, European and global marketplaces. The firm sources and markets outstanding products, technical services, and unique selections to the institutional procurement community, deals exclusively with qualified dealmakers, has a well known and respected place in the Swiss and European global sourcing community.   The firm is a member of The Global Sourcing Association and strives to maintain global sourcing standards in its buying and supplying activities.

Dr Gbenga A. Olowoye, BSc, MBA, DBA, Principal of SWISSPLAT GROUP LLC is an international business advisor living and working in Geneva, Switzerland.   Having begun his career in the food manufacturing industry (Nestle and similar food processing plants) in the early 1980s, he has worked in the export and import business through the 1990s with a variety of world-class commodity trading companies in the U.K, The Netherlands, New York and Tokyo including Olam, Cargill, Bunge, and was Managing Director of Magna Resources, Inc. (Africa), and has forged many cross-border institutional trade partnerships between Europe and Africa.  A trained academic, Gbenga previously was Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Business and International Studies (UBIS) in Geneva, has been a frequent opinion contributor on Dukascopy TV and speaker at leadership conferences, is a published author on entrepreneurial innovation and funding sources in resource-constrained environment topics, and has served on the board of a development initiative and foundation working on broadening education access and youth empowerment in Africa.

Our Mission and Values

To deliver far more value to clients than they pay in fees.
To provide non-adversarial solutions that enable solid working relationships.
To apply creative intelligence to client problems and to always think outside the box.
To be a profitable and successful enterprise without compromising integrity.
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