How we operate

The Challenge: Both parties want the deal, but the means to getting there – the contract – seems to be an impenetrable road block.


The Swissplat Solution: Creative solutions from an uninvolved third party can make all the difference. If the terms of the contract don’t work for both sides, the deal may not work because the relationship doesn’t work. We think like a deal maker, not like an adversary. We negotiate from the strength of solutions that address the issues most vital to both parties to the contract, thereby creating a good working relationship from the start.


We benefit from expert contacts from business associations globally and take full advantage of related services and spin-offs. Swissplat always maintain contact addresses of a pool of experienced experts with proven qualifications and experience in their respective fields like suppliers, manufacturers, shippers, transporters, salesmen, insurers, couriers and business analysts to perform assignments during critical business moments while we remain responsible for overall quality control and quality assurance. On the client’s instructions, we research and deal with production or service companies with the best advantage and use our business experience in seeking non-adversarial opinions from other industry experts in major buying and linkage options before arriving at credible decisions. Our in- house associates and the industrial experts we consult are versed with production and service quality, availability, price and durability of products we intend to advice for our clients.


All other administrative procedures and controls on receiving orders, billing the customers, paying the suppliers, collecting the accounts receivables, shipping and handling, etc are always clearly spelt out in our contracts and negotiations when engaged.

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