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We work with many global partners to offer you unique selections of global brands, timeless desires, and nothing but the best. This is what we refer to as A HIGHER PEDESTAL. If you are one of those who aspire for excellence, we will advance your interest to your utmost advantage. You can chat with us right now about your needs.



Customer charter

This customer service charter is the basis of interaction with our customers in the delivery of our professional services at all times.


International Customer Service Standard (ICSS 1999-2002)


We seek customer input into our activities.


We will be available and respond promptly to telephone calls and phoned messages, within normal business hours. We will respond to emails in 48 hours and maintain our Internet site as a complete and dependable resource.


We respect privacy and confidentiality of any information and will not divulge information to any third party for any purpose without your prior consent.

Service guarantees

We will meet the stated requirements of our activities in the spirit of the International Customer Service Standard. We will monitor our performance against standards detailed in this charter.


We will respond to all enquiries in easy to comprehend language. Where required, customers will be provided with explanatory information.


We see complaints as an opportunity to move our business forward. All staff are empowered to resolve complaints. We will try to resolve any complaint fairly and effectively.

Our commitment

We are committed to this charter. We will deliver the best service to meet your individual needs, professionally and responsibly. However, should we fail in any way, please contact us directly so that any issues may be resolved

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